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Resources To Stop Human Trafficking

Video produced by Fairfax County Public Schools –Tricked: Inside the World of Teen Sex Trafficking – as well as resource guides and links to associated websites are available online. The video can be viewed in segments of 6-13 minutes or the full 60 minutes.

Northern Virginia Gang Task Force Comprehensive Gang Assessment

The Northern Virginia Gang Task Force (NVGTF), a multi-discipline and multi-jurisdictional partnership to impact gang activity in Northern Virginia, released a comprehensive gang assessment spanning five years of information compiled on overall crime, gang crime, and school data. The assessment followed the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model, a structured, multi-pronged strategy to specifically define the problem of gangs in a given area. The comprehensive assessment is the first of its kind nationally, documenting the impact of gangs and gang crime in Northern Virginia. The assessment is not a strategy, but it is a necessary step to assess where current initiatives are focused and provide a framework which can be used to further develop programs going forward.

For questions, please contact a Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Gang Prevention & Intervention Coordinator.

What's New!

  • Alexandria Community Day 2021

  • Read the Summer 2016 issue of the Alexandria Gang Prevention Community Task Force newsletter.

  • Nothern Viginia Regional gang Task Force Presentation at the FBI Academy
    On Friday, July 24th the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force (NVRGTF) was invited to present at the FBI Academy for the 2nd phase of the El Salvador Training Initiative. Representing the NVRGTF for the second time this year, the Arlington County Gang Prevention Task Force proudly described its efforts before an audience of El Salvadorian Task Force officers who work in their gang and extortion units. Sgt. Letos and Det. Goven from the Arlington County Police Department (Gang Unit) joined Mr. Fredy Martinez, DHS Court Liaison, Mr. Joe Regotti, Gang Prevention Coordinator from City of Alexandria and Robert Tito Vilchez, Arlington County Gang Prevention Coordinator, for an interactive training on effective gang prevention and intervention strategies.  The presentations lasted four hours and included several components. First, there was an overview of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) model, how it is implemented in Arlington, and its best practices. Arlington works closely with other jurisdictions to develop and implement strategies using a comprehensive, regional approach.  Mr. Martinez led a lively gang prevention exercise, and the entire group of presenters participated in a panel discussion, with informal and open dialogue with their El Salvadorian counterparts. The 40 participants asked many questions from our task force model to current gang trends. As was the case in previous presentations at the FBI Academy, the session was not only educational but also an opportunity for networking and relationship building. Other participants included FBI agents based in El Salvador, police commissioner in El Salvador and intelligence analysts. 

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  • Arlington Gang Prevention Task Force Holds 10th Annual Soccer Tournament

    On May 23, the Arlington Gang Prevention Task Force in partnership with Friends of Argus and Aurora Houses sponsored the 10th Annual Soccer Tournament. The tournament's theme was "Braking Barriers One Goal at a Time".

    Volunteers spoke to the youth about identifying champions in the community, developing leadership, making healthy choices and learning about different resources in Arlington County. A public service announcement of "Don't Lose Yourself to a Gang" was promoted along with a resource information line, 703-GET-HELP.

    This successful event was made possible through the efforts of 40 volunteers who gave their time and talents to enhance life in the community. The event has earned the support of dozens of local businesses, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, community leaders and professionals working with at-risk youth.

    These tournaments have captured the attention of high need youths in Arlington County, providing a positive activity to break barriers between gang members and the diverse populations.

    Arlington County Gang Prevention Task Force Coordinator, Robert "Tito" Vilchez on the tournament:

    "Our Arlington Gang Prevention Task Force sincerely thanks all the volunteers from Office of the Attorney General's Office, Edu-Futuro, Culmore Teen Center, Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home, Partners of The Americas, ACPD, Northern Virginia Family Service, NOVA Workforce Investment Act, Arlington Public Schools, Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Department of Human Services, Partnership for Children Youth and Families, Parks and Recreation, Children of Imprisoned Parents International, Arlington Community Corrections, Teen Network Board, Arlington 17th District Court Services Unit, Arlington Bar Association, and our young team escorts from Wakefield and Washington-Lee high schools who provided guidance for our youth during the soccer tournament."

    "Special praise goes to Mr. Billy Wilken, referee and community member, Ms. Jenna Ryckebusch from National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Sgt. Rick Rodriguez from Arlington County Police Department, Mr. Rick Strobach, Arlington 17th District Court Services Unit, Mr. Sergio Enriquez from W-L and Mr. Kevin Clements from Arlington Parks and Recreation for taking an active role in leading the 10th Annual Arlington Gang Prevention soccer tournament and giving our youth an opportunity to improve the quality of life in our County."

    10th Annual Tournament theme

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    See more photos of the tournament at:


  • Prevención de la explotación sexual de menores
    Las palabras explotación evocan una cantidad de reacciones y sentimientos. Quizás una de las más devastadores es el silencio, nuestra incapacidad o falta de disposición como sociedad a hablar de este problema horrendo.

  • Human Trafficking of Children in the United States: A Fact Sheet for Schools
    An unknown number of U.S. citizens and legal residents are trafficked within the country for sexual servitude and forced labor. Contrary to a common assumption, human trafficking is not just a problem in other countries. Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and the U.S. territories. Victims of human trafficking can be children or adults, U.S. citizens or foreign nationals, male or female.

  • Fútbol, puente social en Virginia
    Organizaciones usan el deporte para conectar a los jóvenes con los servicios que los alejen de pandillas

    Futbol, puente social en Virginia

  • Make a Change ( M.A.C. ) - Tattoo Removal Program
    Have you committed to leaving the gang lifestyle? Tired of living with that tattoo? Let us help you.
    M.A.C. is a no-cost service for residents of the Greater Prince William Area below the age of 29 who have demonstrated a commitment to change their life for the better by leaving the gang lifestyle and who need their gang tattoos removed.

    NOTE: The free gang tattoo removal is available to Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington and Alexandria.

  • Northern Virginia Urban League's Digital Connector
    The Northern Virginia Urban League's Digital Connectors program has several slots available. If you or anyone you know is interested in participating in Digital Connectors, please email Tia Garret at tia.lovesthekids@yahoo.com. 

  • Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Soccer Tournament

  • Career Navigation Program
    A 3-week job readiness course for unemployed job seekers.

  • Did You Know???
    Important information about gang crimes, properties used in gang crimes, and other gang related matters.

  • Gang Prevention Brochure
    Resources for gang prevention information and support in your area of Northern Virginia.
    See program brochure

  • Gang Reduction Study - Findings from the evaluation of the Office of Juvenile Justice and delinquency Prevention's Gang Reduction Program on gang-related crime.

Cities and Counties across the Northern Virginia region are working in partnership to mitigate the threat of gang activity in our area through law enforcement, prevention, education and intervention initiatives as part of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force.  In addition to the work of our valued law enforcement professionals, whose collaboration across jurisdictions has resulted in a decrease in gang-related crime in Northern Virginia over the past 4 years operation, prevention specialists across the region are continuing to work together to build and enhance positive programs that help support young people and adults in our community. Part of this work involves informing the community of supports, programs and resources that are available.

Whether you are:

A young person needing to find someone to talk to, are interested in looking for a job or are bored and wanting to find an activity, a parent who is worried and looking for some tips or support, a staff member looking for resources for a client, an interested community resident looking for information or to find out how you can “give back” to support prevention activities (such as mentoring or other volunteer opportunities), you will find suggestions and contact information of people who are here to help with these and other issues.

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